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on May 01, 2024

LIX, a pet wellness company focused on improving pets' lives, announces the launch of Advanced Formula BITES to its Advanced Formula Collection of flavorless and odorless custom broad-spectrum CBD products. The Advanced Formula BITES is a 3:2:1 daily treat supplement, boasting 10mg CBD/7mg CBG/3mg CBN per BITE (for a total profile of 20mg per BITE) for advanced healing.   

The Advanced Formula 3:2:1 Collection is a proprietary blend of CBD:CBG:CBN, which helps relieve many of the ails of cognition dysfunction in aging animals, reduces stress, and promotes a deep, restful sleep with a refreshed and energetic wake-up. It is ideal for pets already receiving CBD and looking for maximum support, senior pets, and those suffering from more advanced medical conditions. Originally only offered in their ELIXIR line of tinctures, this unique and effective formulation is now offered in their line of BITES, a CBD soft chew.  

"Our Advanced Formula blend of oil has far surpassed our expectations regarding the wellness support it is providing for the animals. Based on the successful sell-through of the Advanced Formula oils, the demand from retailers and customers came very quickly to add this oil into a BITE product. We knew we needed to go to work on this product offering quickly. The results we see around cognitive improvements, engagement, physical benefits, and more in seniors are something to get excited about! We have found the sweet spot with our CBD:CBG:CBN Advanced Formula blend and are excited to offer it in our BITES now!" said Erin Hills, Co-Founder.   


"We believe in using cannabinoids for healing within the body and mind. Our endocannabinoid system is a massive neurotransmitter system that keeps us healthy. It modulates or controls every physiological system in our animals (and our) bodies, including how we feel, eat, think, etc. We must help the body alleviate inflammation and further support healing to improve the quality of life of our pets. Even more so, as the body ages, physical/mental/emotional stress becomes more of an event, sleep is disturbed, or cognition suffers. Keeping systemic wellness at the forefront of our minds, we know we can support the endocannabinoid system by using cannabinoids, which we have been doing in our current line of products. This is why we are determined to continue to create products that expand to the next level for animals needing a higher level of support and why we are thrilled with the results of this new Advanced Formula", said Kirstan Sanders, Co-Founder.   

The Advanced Formula BITES rounds out LIX's Advanced Formula Collection and BITES product line. The BITES, a soft chew made to be organic, all-natural, and with limited ingredients, is also available in 10MG, 20MG, and 40MG per BITE (the highest on the market). These soft chews are made with the same flavorless and odorless oil as LIX's tincture line, the ELIXIRS, available in 250MG (dog & feline), 500MG, 1000MG, & 2500MG (Large Breed).  Lastly, the healing and soothing salve, the HEALER available in 100MG & 300MG. 

LIX is a pet wellness company inspired to support mental, physical, and emotional health and bring balance to the lives of our pets with a portfolio of purposefully formulated products that fill a glaring gap within the saturated CBD and hemp market. LIX launched in the Pacific Northwest market in early 2020. It has quickly become one of the fastest-growing pet CBD companies in one of the most saturated markets because it's simple, easy, and effective. Their custom broad-spectrum cannabinoid blend offers increased benefits for pets without the hemp taste and smell.   


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