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on January 25, 2023

LIX, the Oregon-based holistic pet wellness company, formally announces a partnership with regional pet products distributor Independent Pet Supply South. Based in Orange County, Independent Pet Supply South is a new division of long-time pet distributor Independent Pet Supply.

Independent Pet Supply has successfully served the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years, covering Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and now California! This new partnership will continue expanding LIX's unique and diverse product line into the California market.

"We have had much success growing the Pacific Northwest markets which is one of the tougher markets for CBD sales, as well as huge growth with distribution in the Southwest market this past year. It's a natural progression for us to move south down the coastline into California, and we couldn't be happier to expand more of our business in partnership with Independent Pet Supply", said Co-Founder Erin Hills. "It is crucial for us to effectively and efficiently serve our retail customers with a partner who shares our passion for offering the highest quality options to their retail partners, and that is Independent Pet Supply."

The partnership coincides nicely with the launch of the new "Advanced Formula" blend and our fully branded point-of-sale displays. We believe our product line and branding will serve the California market well.

"We created LIX to fill a void in the market and develop a community of pet wellness experts with the help of our brilliant retailers who work to understand the benefits of CBD and cannabinoids as an addition to a pet's current daily wellness program–and the resoundingly positive response reinforces this as a major need. Our focus is always extending our offering to holistic pet supply and wellness retail stores by partnering with savvy and smart wellness-focused regional distribution services, and we have that in California with our Independent Pet Supply South partnership." Kirstan Sanders, Co-Founder, added.

"After seeing the quick success LIX has had in the Pacific Northwest & Southwest markets, as well as other parts of the country, we're thrilled to be able to bring a line of products like LIX to Southern California as a part of our launch into the market. In a saturated market of CBD products, their unique offering of high quality, flavorless & odorless, broad-spectrum products creates a new revenue stream within the category. LIX provides educational information through its packaging and marketing for our retail partners. The information is elevated from what we have seen thus far and is all delivered at an attractive price point for our customers," added Mike Rou, CEO of Independent Pet Supply South.

LIX is a pet wellness company inspired to support mental, physical, and emotional health and bring balance to the lives of our pets with a portfolio of purposefully formulated products that fill a glaring gap within the saturated CBD and hemp market. Our custom broad-spectrum cannabinoid blend offers increased benefits for pets without the hemp taste and smell. LIX launched in the Pacific Northwest market in early 2020 and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing pet CBD companies in one of the most saturated markets because it's simple, easy, and effective.


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