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The Wisdom of Old Dogs and Earth Day Greetings!

on April 22, 2020

First… Happy Earth Day!

There is a soulfulness and beauty in old dogs. Senior dogs, with their wise faces, crisp understanding of the lack of clarity people have and their power to be a calm presence even in the worst of times for their humans makes me teary every time I think of them. I live with 2 senior dogs; Audry is a 14.5 year old pit bull and she’s funny and scrappy and wise and sassy… her sensitivity is obvious but she’ll still show the boys in the house how things go. Coal, on the other side of this, is 100#, 13.5 year old pit bull/dane mix.  He’s energetic past what his body can take and he’s the most blissful and peaceful soul in my life. As they climb the years I found myself overwhelmed with information so I distilled it down to sets of steps and a mix of eastern and western medicine as needed and dedicated myself to figuring out where they can find ease from stiffness and anxiety. In our society, it’s weird how we don’t value the seniors - we stop training as much, stop walking as much, stop interacting as much and seem to think that because seniors sleep a lot, that’s all they WANT to do. It’s not. I started to notice this in myself with my guys and, though soreness is more prevalent, they don’t WANT to stay home. They WANT to work, play and interact. I love taking them out to work and walk and play and notice how much they learn and how quickly they get new concepts compared to when they were younger and the environment was more distracting. Every evening they have ‘juice time’ which is a dropper or two (or three) of LIX CBD tincture and, depending on if there is physical pain or anxiety, the dose can vary. The benefits are immediate and obvious. I’m a co-creator and even I was shocked at the quick results.

Hemp and CBD have proven highly beneficial as an aid to decrease anxiety, reduce inflammation and ease mood associated with physical, mental or emotional stress in animals. Plant medicine has cured, managed or helped reduce a ton of conditions and animals benefit the same as humans. It can increase appetite and help fight or prevent nausea associated with medication or conditions in older animals. It has shown to be effective support of normal cellular function and as an aid in healthful aging due to its neuroprotective properties. In addition, there are significant studies on CBD and other components of the plant for anti-nausea, antipsychotic, anti-convulsant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s the anti-inflammatory benefits, in particular, that seem to offer the most benefit to the brain and easing ailments associated with typical aging. Its effectiveness in easing the stress of chronic pain are evident.

Recently, I started a new idea for a product to reduce inflammation, add extra nutritional benefits and something fun to feed. It’s all vegan because we find it necessary to stay nonallergenic across species, to find beneficial fruits, vegetables, and herbs to aid in their comfort and reduce their stress and not add a ton of calories. My crew, even Pablo the sometimes food skeptical 3 year old Maltese, are fans of this new product and we’ve been doing some fun ideas around it for hot days - more to come on this, we promise!

Coal and Audry will be making appearances every now and then as they want to and at events you’ll see one of both of them with us. They are the constant in my life and a reason for the obsession with products for seniors or dogs with different needs and those with compromised immune systems. We are consulting with vets to find where they can ‘suggest’ the products and with you and your crew to find the sweet spot for product, healthfulness, and happiness.

We will have a section dedicated to fun and games (aka training) where we will post vids and articles and hope you will too!

Let the journey continue~


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