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The ELIXIR - Equine Formula is Now Available

on July 29, 2020

We are so excited to meet you in the horse world and fervently hope you and your horses are holding up during this trying time in and for our world. It seems we make up ground then slide right back.

As we all consider next steps, many of us take comfort in our horses being our solace, our strength, a source of humor and our socialization as we hang at home or at the barn doing our best to be a positive in the midst of this pandemic. At LIX, we’re pretty much doing the same! Since we put out a welcome statement as our initial blog post for the small animals, we’d like to welcome all our horses and their people the same way! We want to make sure you know WHY LIX. WHY we started a business for animals and their people and, of course, why now.

Let’s get this started!

Why the big white dog on the side of your box, you may ask...see our welcome here. Hint: he’s our mascot and how Erin and I met so so so many years ago.

The ELIXIR - Equine Formula was born out of a number of years spent with horses. As a kid, I was always around horses as much as my parents would allow – I didn’t need to be riding, I just wanted to be around them. As I got more involved, my life was the hunter/jumper world horses and then, in later years thoroughbred rescue, freeing horses from neglectful and abusive home situations, and bidding on horses at auction/feedlots over the years.

Horses go through so much whether they’re pasture pets, sport horses, performance horses, breeding or retired horses and they all have a need for something that will free them from inflammation, emotional stress, physical stress, obsessive compulsive behaviors or physical pain. We decided on a 2500mg dose as our initial launch into the horse world and, as with our other formulations, it’s flavorless and odorless and the uptake is super quick. I’ve yet to meet a horse who won’t take it off the dropper voluntarily. Fact: I haven’t run into any animals who won’t take it off the dropper voluntarily. Horses are complex beings and they take a comparatively low dose of CBD to realize the benefits. See dosing guide here.

As we move through the year and into the equine world more and more, we pledge to keep you all up to date on studies being done and results of those studies. Texas A&M began a study in March of this year and it’s underway; they’re expecting to have good data in 2021. Meanwhile, anecdotal evidence and vet reports have shown tremendous benefits in using CBD to calm or soothe. LIX’s “The Elixir” is our own profile and we’re so proud of this product and our friends, families, and others who’ve volunteered their own results of testing – we are so grateful.

Welcome to you all! Give “The Elixir”, by LIX, a try. It’s organic, flavorless and odorless. It’s a beautiful oil and we’re so excited to share it with you!

Cheers as we race into the next arena (come on… I had to say that). Thank you so much for choosing us! Thank you so much for trusting LIX.



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