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Meet Diesel: The Dog Behind the Brand

on April 28, 2020

We are so excited to meet you all and fervently hope you are holding up during this trying time in and for our world.

As we all consider next steps, many of us take comfort in our pets being our solace, our strength, a source of humor and our socialization as we hang at home doing our part to cut the spread of the current virus. We, at Lix, are doing the same. Since we put out a welcome statement as our initial blog post, I want to make sure you know WHY LIX. WHY we started a business for animals and their people and, of course, why now. Let’s get this started!

Why the big white dog on your box, you may ask...

LIX was born out of a number of rescue experiences I’d been involved in over the years and really began with a litter of fat, healthy, wiggly pit bull/mastiff puppies and their rescue mama dog. Erin, now one of my dearest friends and co-founder, made a 300 mile drive up to meet a puppy she saw on our site. Diesel, our logo and part of the soul of LIX, was a squishy, mildly energetic GIANT puppy in the litter and Erin fell for him immediately. We were pretty stringent in the qualification process for adoption of puppies and my foster home was not convinced. They wanted Erin to go home (remember those 300 miles), think about it, and come back… and she did. She knew he was HER puppy so another 300 mile drive and she and puppy were a team! She named him Diesel and the LIX fat head logo is him as a grown up. He went from squishy to absolutely massive and beautiful and he was the perfect addition to Erin’s family. It’s been a number of years since Diesel left this earth and we are honoring our friendship, that fabulous dog - and all the animals - through LIX

I was so impressed with Erin’s composure and accessibility and her obvious instant love for Diesel and we became fast friends. We joined forces and ran a rescue in the PNW for bull breeds for a number of years, homing countless dogs to wonderful homes. We kept in touch after we shuttered the rescue and the cannabis/hemp industries brought us back together over some consulting work which gave us time to discuss this passion project of ours... a pet wellness brand. LIX was born - no longer a theory or thought - I couldn’t ask for a better business partner, friend, adoptive home, and there is no one I trust more. Erin is an operational guru and executes like no one I’ve ever met. We share the same thought for our business - the BEST products, the cleanest packaging with climate consciousness as a pillar, and undying commitment to customer success and animal benefits. We share gratitude that we have the ability to bring thoughtful and beneficial products to you all and we are eager to start off LIX as a community of vendors and customers to give the best to to the animals. We want to share in your commitment to your crew and benefit those who may not have found their forever family quite yet (our honor to Diesel).

We are honored and excited to have this opportunity and so looking forward to welcoming you and your animal crew to our community. Let’s work together to get it right!

Cheers as we launch - thank you so much for choosing us!



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