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February is National Cat Wellness Month

on February 02, 2021
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Hi to all of you who have chill, not so chill, young, elder, happy or annoyed cats to this wonderful month dedicated to your cat and kitten homes! The reminder for this month of hearts is to make sure all felines get their wellness check and we check in on their mental and emotional as well as physical wellness. 

In many households, cats are an integral family member, checked every day, hovered over, and, in some, less hovered over and more independent though still family members. Outside the family, the setting is the feral or stray cat population and we want to make sure we get them covered too! Thank you to all of you who are feeding and looking after the strays and who are upholding the feral cat colonies - you’re all so appreciated!

This is the month of the celebration of the health of our feline friends. Take a moment to consider if your cat(s) are happy, are physically and mentally, and emotionally well. Take a pause to check them over completely physically. Note changes, note oily or dry coats, nail length, check their mouths (I know… not that easy), and note the condition of their teeth, whether there are any bumps on the flesh of their mouths, how their legs and back are doing and if they are at a correct weight. It seems obvious but in our busy and pandemic shut down world (except you N.Z. and kudos for that), it’s easy to overlook the obvious actual checks because our animals are in front of us all the time. It’s these times that pay big dividends where there are issues that come up and are able to be caught and addressed early.

Mental and emotional as well as physical health should be noted and exercise and interactive play incorporated. Cats are smart and need mental and emotional stimulation as well. Incorporate a training piece of their day and you’ll be surprised at how much better your relationship progresses. We have busy lives and forget our animals are also beings in need of enrichment and cats are no different even if they let us know they’re not inclined at times.

Schedule your vet appointments if you haven’t, maybe if your cat is physically feeling unwell or aging, schedule an acupuncture or acupuncture appointment and see if their pain can be alleviated. Reiki is another avenue to explore that yields significant benefits.

Their lives are in our hands and we owe it to them to make it amazing.

At LIX, we recently launched our feline signature broad spectrum CBD flavorless, odorless, tincture in a 250mg strength and you’ll find it easily by looking for the cat on the box. Additionally, we launched BITES this month and the 10 mg soft bite is stocked with superfoods and the same broad spectrum CBD as our tinctures and they’re perfect for quick supplementation. ALL of the LIX products can be used across species. Just so you know.

Thank you so much for being part of the LIX family and expect more on felines and CBD going forward.
*As usual, with any herbs or supplements you give, if your cat is on western medication please let your vet know everything you are giving.


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