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LIX Launch

on March 31, 2020


WOW, what a time to introduce a new business. Even a pet wellness company launch seemed trying at this scary and tragic time of this pandemic COVID-19. Our tremendous thanks go to those of you working this whole time as 'essential' workers and we continue to hold space and grace for you. Our hearts go to all affected and peace to the families of those who’ve passed.

While we are self (or mandate based) quarantined at home, homeschooling kids, hanging with the pets and forced to slow down, we are able to see our interactions and ’all for ourselves’ way of life is not really an option at the moment. We are realizing that we are, in fact, all interrelated. We are ‘socially distancing’ to prevent the spread of the virus and, in practicing this conscientious ‘distancing’, we are somehow less distant. We have put down our phones to get away from the onslaught of media chaos and free falling stock market. We have started to practice yoga, meditate, work out at home, cook, talk, connect… it’s hard to think we needed a virus to get us to log off and look up.

In happy pet homes we hope the animals have benefitted. They were just waiting for this - probably wondering what it takes for us to let go of technology and play, train, pet, or lean on them. I don’t know about you; but they’re saving me right now. This tragedy will end and life will pick up for many, forever changed for us all; in that, let’s remember the comfort given by our animals during times like these and at any other time we look up and see them… waiting for us to engage. Let's commit to being more present for, and better to, each other and them. Let’s give our best just like they give.

With that, we proudly and humbly introduce LIX… our dedication and commitment to the animals and their wellness needs and our dedication to you, as caretakers and our community of peers... our family.

LIX was born of love for all animals. We created the brand because we are obsessed with giving animals the luxury of a calm mind, a body free from constant pain, and a peaceful existence in a world that is confusing and demanding and full of expectations of them they don’t understand and we often don’t explain well. We’ve watched so many animals brilliantly navigate this complex world. We have seen animals in the best homes, animals in the worst places, and animals in between homes in rescue or shelter. We commit to learning and understanding as much as we can, to providing them with the best CBD, hemp and herbal wellness products we can source and to be absolutely obsessed with making them happy and comfortable because what they give us is beyond anything we could give back.

They give their very best every day. We promise to give the same. Every day.

We are so excited to meet you all and thank you for visiting our place… YOUR place, meeting the crew, committing to give the best to all the animals and our environment. Without them we are nothing. We owe all our animal friends love, consideration and respect. Please know the work we do with the products provided is the very best and we are proud and honored you’ve trusted us with the care, peacefulness and health of your crew.



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