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Tips to have a safe and happy holiday season with your pets!

on December 21, 2021
dog and cat CBD holiday

Happy Holiday Season to All!

Our 2nd full holiday season at LIX is upon us; we are truly grateful for all of you! We’ve met so many people this year from around the world who have our admiration and thanks – what an incredible year for LIX, and we are looking forward to the New Year ahead!

Now, too, we reflect on all the changes and stress the world is seeing and the massive work people do to manage their stress and that of their animals. Change is inevitable, and being grateful for all these animals who help us manage is at the top of our minds! 

The animals who live with us are how many of us get through the holiday seasons, both good and challenging times. We can’t imagine anything outside of giving our furry and not-so furry family members the best we can provide.

The holidays can bring a change in routine for your pet, such as more guests coming and going, more travel, change in weather (for those in season-changing areas), and many more, making this time of year more stressful for even the most social of pets.

Here are some holiday tips to ensure your pet has a safe and happy holiday season!

  1. Keep all the food and candy up off the floor. Many food items are dangerous or toxic to pets. Make sure to keep trash tightly sealed or hidden where pets can’t access them.

  2. For those who have curious pets in the house, keep the flashy lights, plastic and glass balls, and bags brought by guests out of the way of the furry curious faces.   

  3. Make sure your pet has a safe resting space away from the holiday commotion that allows them to relax and decompress if feeling stressed. Provide a safe chew toy to help keep them distracted.

  4. Dose with CBD to help relax your pet when guests are over or traveling if you bring your pet.

CBD is perfect for helping with general wellness but can also help ease anxiety during stressful situations. Our ELIXIR and BITES are a perfect way to help keep your pet relaxed during the holidays. 

Again, friends, we are grateful for your wisdom, partnership, willingness to stretch limits, and further education for humans and their animals. We met so many new faces this year in the US and globally (thanks to our first SuperZoo)! During this holiday season, we honor all of them with respect, thanks, and gratitude to all around the globe. Whatever holiday you and your loved ones observe, we wish you all peace, light, and comfort.

Happy Holiday Season, Friends!




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