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on January 28, 2021

Dog and cat. CBD.

Have you struggled with the how and why of the buy when trying to purchase CBD?

We hear it all the time…and I mean ALL the time.  


Q: Why is CBD oil SO cheap on Amazon?  

A: Well, it’s NOT CBD; It’s hemp oil which is JUST an oil; let’s say, for a second, there was CBD on Amazon being sold by someone who didn’t abide by policy… there aren’t any lab tests associated with the product because the product is prohibited from being sold on Amazon. So, the sellers aren’t able to supply you with the information you would need to make an informed buying decision – kind of a back alley handshake with the whole ‘we can’t say it’s CBD but it’s there…” How would you know? You wouldn’t. 

You HAVE to be able to ask for (and receive) lab test results and every batch should have a test associated with the product (we do at LIX for sure!). Think that through, if you have issues with an oil from a seller on amazon, well…. You’re out of luck. No recourse. 

No one to back you up. Just a cheap oil.  


Q: What do you mean? 

It says "calms anxiety, relaxes animals”

A: They couldn’t say CBD so how can you be sure you’re getting what you pay for? A lot of times, people can make the placebo effect a thing in their minds… you can’t for your animals and they can’t. In the animal and pet wellness and health space, we are working constantly to alleviate anxiety or pain or aid in mobility with our products that have ACTUAL testing associated and an ACTUAL cannabinoid profile versus simple hemp oil.  


Q: How do you know this?

A: Well, Amazon has a specific policy prohibiting the sale of CBD or any derivative thereof…


Q: Really?

A: Yes, here is the policy:

Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited, including but not limited to:

Full spectrum hemp oil

Rich hemp oil

Products that have been identified as containing CBD by LegitScript 


Q: What do we need to know when looking at a product containing CBD?

A: You want to know and explain what you’re trying to accomplish IF it’s something specific like ‘my dog is experiencing lameness’; ‘my puppy is teething’; ‘my older dog has developed anxiety’, ‘my dog has general anxiety’, ‘my horse is going into a layoff period’, ‘my cat has developed issues with a new cat in the home’, ‘my animals are anxious because we’re home all the time’, etc.  

We LOVE our LIX tincture for everyday use as part of a general wellness regimen in addition to physical and mental exercise, emotional support, structure and routine, and a ton of love. There are general guidelines for dosage when giving any of our LIX lineup of ingestibles and, generally, as a start for angst or mobility or physical pain, it’s about 2 to 2.5MG per kg of weight. Our droppers are delineated for easy dosing, and the newly released superfood soft BITES come in 10MG and 20MG and are easily split in half or even quarters. 

We’re careful when we research to eliminate any common allergens and really find ingredients that are super yummy for animals, have limited ingredients and are species adored. 

We always give samples to horses, dogs, cats, bearded dragons, guinea pigs, and a few other of our ‘taste test crew’ and we are SURE to include those who are super finicky.  


Q: What is the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD?

A: Full spectrum contains the full spectrum of the cannabinoids plus the terpenes and flavonoids (and has about or less than .03% THC) – you’ll find this not allowed in like 3 or 4 states still even with the pass of the 2018 Farm Bill.  

Broad spectrum contains the entire spectrum of the cannabinoids without the THC or plant matter so the entourage effect is maintained; we use broad spectrum at LIX and, with the removal of the plant matter, have noticed less allergen associated issues in animals typically affected. We worked to get a flavorless and odorless tincture in coconut oil and it’s readily accepted by animals. We haven’t met any who won’t take it and our reviews from customers show the easy acceptance and the benefits, so it’s an all-around win.  


Q: Well, that’s great you say that, but I’ve bought some CBD (from Amazon seller) that didn’t work. 

A: Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD, so you can’t know if you have it, it wasn’t a dose that was acceptable, there are likely quality issues with the product and, if you asked to see the profile for the batch and the associated tests, they won't be able to show you because, again, Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD on their platform. 

You won’t find companies listed on there who are genuinely trying to make the lives of animals better AND who can show proof of process, tests, batches, and they aren’t particularly concerned about the ethics of the sale if they’re blatantly ignoring the platform rules.  


Q: Ok, so if I try LIX and I have questions, can I ask you all? Can you show me the tests? 

A: Yes! Yes, we test every batch of oil and have the lab tests to prove it.

A: Yes! Yes, to answering questions, working with our customers and/or their vets, or herbalists to talk through any issues with a pet and how we may best incorporate LIX tincture in with their current regimen if one is in place.  

A: Yes! Yes, to answering any questions at all. Ever. 

You can email us at; call us, or text us. We’re here for you and your animals. Always. Happily. 


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